The Grymes Family

This website is intended to tell the stories of the Grymes family in Virginia since the arrival of Rev. Charles Grymes in the 1600's. When completed (in several years), the site will include the genealogy and the context of different lives.

The ancestors of Tommie and Alex Grymes, the 11th generation of the Grymes family, are highlighted to show their descent from the first family immigrant to Virginia, the Rev. Charles Grymes.

1st Generation
Rev. Charles Grymes

2nd Generation
John Grymes

3rd Generation
Anna Grymes
John Grymes
Charles Grymes

4th Generation
Hannah Grymes
John Grymes
Lucy Ludwell Grymes
Philip Grymes
Charles Grymes
Alice Grymes
Benjamin Grymes
Sarah Grymes
Charles Grymes
Ludwell Grymes

5th Generation
Benjamin Grymes
Elizabeth Grymes
John Grymes
Peyton Grymes
Lucy Grymes
John Randolph Grymes
Philip Ludwell Grymes
Charles Grymes
Susanna Grymes
Mary Grymes

6th Generation
John Randolph Grymes
Elizabeth Pope Grymes
Mary L. Grymes
Lucy Grymes
Sarah Berkeley Grymes
Peyton Grymes
Hannah F. Grymes
Philip Grymes
Thomas Grymes
Judith Grymes
Susan Burwell Grymes

7th Generation
Nellie Grymes
Mary Lister Grymes
Benjamin Andrew Grymes
William Shepherd Grymes
Robert Page Grymes
John Randolph Grymes
Lucy Nelson Grymes

8th Generation
Edwin Buford Grymes
Peyton Grymes
James Peyton Grymes (James Carrington Grymes?)
Susan Braxton Grymes
Robert Page Grymes
Sarah Berkley Grymes

9th Generation
Robert Page Grymes
Catherine C. Grymes
Mary Peyton Grymes
Peyton Grymes
Thomas Stokes Grymes
Sadie Wright Grymes

10th Generation
Thomas Stokes Grymes, Jr.
Charles Arrington Grymes

11th Generation
Thomas Stokes Grymes III
Edward Alexander Grymes

Line of Descent:
1st Generation: Rev. Charles Grymes (1612-November 22, 1650) and Katherine Jennings (1610-???)
2nd Generation: John Grymes (1660-August 28, 1709) and Alice Towneley (1675 - January 1, 1710)
3rd Generation: John Grymes (1691-November 2, 1748) and Lucy Ludwell (November 2, 1698-March 3, 1749)
4th Generation: Philip Grymes (March 11, 1720-1762) and Mary Randolph
5th Generation: Benjamin Grymes and Judith Robinson
6th Generation: Peyton Grymes (1791-1878) and Harriet Shepherd (August 12, 1793-December 12, 1870)
7th Generation: Robert Page Grymes (May 30, 1824-November 23, 1889) and Mary Ann ("Mollie") Cox (January 12, 1835-June ___, 1917)
8th Generation: Peyton Grymes (September 28, 1859-September 28, 1925) and Mary Dodson (March 4, 1871-June 7, 1920)
9th Generation: Thomas Stokes Grymes (June 30, 1911-May 29, 1997)
10th Generation Thomas Stokes Grymes Jr. (October 24, 1948-)